Academic Requirements of the Certificate in Business Technology Management (BTM)

Though there is no specific order in which the courses below must be taken, it is recommended that students take SFWR TECH 3IT3 “Networking Principles” and SFWR TECH 3PR3 “Procedural and Object Oriented Programming Concepts” as electives in Year 2.

There are seven required courses in the proposed BTM certificate

COMMERCE 3KD3Database Design Management & Applications
COMMERCE 3KE3Management of Enterprise Data Analytics
COMMERCE 4KF3Project Management
COMMERCE 4KG3Data Mining and Business Intelligence
COMMERCE 4KH3Strategies for Electronic and Mobile Business
SFWR TECH 3IT3Networking Principles
SFWR TECH 3PR3Procedural and Object Oriented Programming Concepts

Students are also required to take any two of the following courses

COMMERCE 3KA3Systems Analysis & Design
COMMERCE 4KI3Implementation of IS for Small & Medium Sized Enterprises
COMMERCE 4BK3Management of Technology
COMMERCE 4MH3Electronic Marketing
SFWR TECH 3CS3Computer Security
SFWR TECH 3OS3Operating Systems
SFWR TECH 3RQ3Software Requirements and Specification
SFWR TECH 4NI3Advanced Networking Infrastructure
SFWR TECH 4SD3Software Design
SFWR TECH 4WP3Advanced Web Programming – NEW course to be offered in 2017/18
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