Complimentary Electives

Are you looking for an elective that will expand your career potential?

HTHSCI 4ID3 – Innovation By Design

This course will enable interdisciplinary student groups to engage in design thinking as a methodology to assess health area problems/challenges, collect meaningful data, iterate alternative design options, and build a prototype solution for validation with user groups. Students will learn conceptual approaches to ‘design thinking’ and develop capabilities with spotting, supporting and scaling up new innovative ideas explored using a user-centered empathy focus.

This course is an ideal fit for students from any discipline, from health sciences to commerce.  IBD arms you with the tools to spot, support and develop innovative ideas using a user-centered empathy focus. It’s a transferable skillset no matter where your career takes you.

Prerequisite(s): Registration in Level IV or above

HTHSCI 3HN3 – Partnering with Hamilton Neighbourhoods for Health

The School of Nursing is offering an elective course for McMaster students called, ‘Partnering with Hamilton Neighbourhoods for Health’ (HSc-3HN3).  The course provides an opportunity for senior level students from different disciplines across campus to participate in transformative learning experiences with neighbourhood residents.  Students partner with local neighbourhood planning teams or associations to address specific issues aimed at building healthier, more vibrant communities in which families live, work and play.  The theme of this partnership is called, “Book Smarts –Street Smarts”.

HSc-3HN3 is being offered again this Fall, 2018.  Classes are held on Wednesday evenings at an off campus Hamilton location (the Perkins Centre) where local neighbourhood residents can participate.  This course requires permission of the instructor to register, therefore interested students should act soon as the class is limited to 12 spaces.  Accepted student will be able to register for the course once fall registration becomes available.

Prerequisite(s): Registration in Level III or above plus permission of instructor.

You can also read more about this course here.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Sandy Isaacs.

HUMAN 3MC3 – Leadership: Cross-Cultural Mentoring Lab

This 3-unit course is available in Term 1 (Fall) and open to senior students in all Faculties.

Employers consistently rank leadership as the most important quality in a potential candidate. HUMAN 3CM3 presents the perfect opportunity for you to gain leadership experience while also earning course credit. In this course, students will receive upfront mentorship training and will then participate as a peer mentor to fellow students from the McMaster English Language Development (MELD) Diploma program. Throughout the course, students will receive support and feedback from the instructor regarding their mentoring. Seats are limited. Students interested in applying will be reviewed to determine suitability.

Prerequisite(s): Registration in Level II or above of any program; completion of online application; and permission of the Associate Dean (Humanities) or delegate

The application form can be found here.

You can also read more about this course here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

PHILOS 2CT3 – Critical Thinking

This 3-unit course aims to improve skills in analyzing and evaluating arguments from everyday life and academic contexts. Two lectures, one tutorial, one term.

Drawing on psychology, cognitive sciences and, especially, philosophy, the aim of the course is to provide student’s with conceptual tools to improve their academic skills and make informed judgements in everyday life. At the end of the course, successful students will have gained an understanding of the value of thinking critically about a number of issues (for instance: religion, morality, knowledge, sex, gender, love, science and media) as well as a better understanding of the significance of the issues themselves. They will recognize the usefulness of analytical skills in e.g. social, academic and professional contexts. They will be aware of the main challenges they face when it comes to accessing information, assessing options and making mindful decisions.

Prerequisite(s): Registration in Level II or above.

Antirequisite(s): ARTSSCI 1B06, ARTSSCI 1BB3