Here are some explanations of terms you may come across during registration.


Mosaic is McMaster’s online information system. (It replaces the old MUGSI and SOLAR systems, among others.) Students use Mosaic to plan their courses of study, enroll in classes, and more.


You cannot take a course for credit if you have already taken its anti-requisite (or if you are in the process of taking it).


A course which must be taken at the same time as another course.

Cross-cultural Course

A course that provides you with exposure to international or cross-cultural issues. You must complete at least two of these courses to graduate. More information is available in the undergraduate calendar.

Cumulative Average (CA)

The weighted average of all the grade points you’ve received in the program. To calculate your CA:

  • Multiply each of your grades (in grade points, not percentages) by the number of units the course was worth. For example, if you received a 9.0 in MATH 1A03: 9.0 x 3 = 27.
  • Add up all the results.
  • Divide by the total number of units.


See the academic programs page for information.


A course which must be passed or a requirement which must be met before you can take a particular course.

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