Welcome to DeGroote!

A DeGroote education is about options. At DeGroote, you are free to choose from a truly diverse range of courses and areas of study. If you’re interested in one specific area of business, or you’re not sure what you want to focus on yet and want to try them all, we have outstanding faculty and staff who will help you, teach you, challenge, inspire and encourage you.

However, more than simply selecting your required courses and your electives, or choosing, for example, between accounting and human resources, your time at DeGroote will give you an opportunity to choose the type of educational experience you have at McMaster. I encourage you to think about different ways to enrich your experience as students at DeGroote.

The school offers an academically rigorous, high quality and practically relevant undergraduate education. In addition, it offers many experiential learning opportunities such as the Commerce Internship Program, Biz-X exchange program, Gould Trading Floor, MARS Apprentice and many more. Student organizations such as the DeGroote Accounting Association, the Mac Investment Club, the DeGroote Commerce Society and many others are another integral part of your experiential learning.

I encourage you to get involved with these student organizations and take advantage of these programs to raise your university experience to a new height. As you prepare for your career, all of these experiences will make your time as a student at DeGroote more meaningful.

On behalf of all the faculty, staff and students here, I wish you every success in the coming year.

Len Waverman

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