Professional Designations

A professional designation is a good way to document your knowledge, skills, and abilities. A designation is even required for some careers. Courses in the commerce program can help you meet the requirements for a variety of professional designations.

Additional course work required for a professional designation can be taken while in the program, and further units of credit may be taken after graduation.

Some examples of designations and how you can work toward them in the commerce program are given below.

Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)

Specific courses in McMaster’s Honours Commerce program are recognized as equivalents in the CPA Prerequisite Education Program (PREP). Graduates who have completed these courses with a minimum grade of 60% in each and an average of 65% will be eligible to enter Core 1 of the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP).

McMaster’s Honours Commerce program (with specific courses) and Graduate Diploma in Professional Accountancy program (when combined) constitute a CPA Accredited program.

DeGroote graduates who have completed all the CPA accredited courses (including the graduate diploma program) with a minimum of 60% in each and an average of 70% will gain direct entry into CPA PEP at the Capstone 1 (Integrative) Module. Candidates then complete Capstone 2 (Preparatory) Module and write the Common Final Evaluation (CFE) to complete the CPA program requirements. Visit the CPA website for more information.

Disclaimer: In light of the unification of the accounting professions in Ontario and Canada, the last UFE for CA will be offered in 2014 and the last CMA Strategic Leadership Program in 2013 with the last Case Exam and Board Report in 2014 and 2015, respectively.  Candidates interested in pursuing the professional designation, Chartered Profession Accountant (CPA), should check for more information regarding its Certification Program.

Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP)

The DeGroote Commerce program offers all the courses required to fulfill the academic requirements of the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation. These courses have been accredited by the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario. Students who satisfactorily complete the courses are qualified to write the National Knowledge Exam (NKE).

Business Technology Management (BTM)

The Certificate in Business Technology Management provides a pathway for Honours Commerce students to become a Certified BTM Professional. BTM certification is administered by BTM Forum, a national organization designed to support a unified Canadian BTM profession through advocacy, accreditation of BTM post-secondary institutions, and certification to academics, professionals and executives.

The Certificate in Business Technology Management is structured so that Honours Commerce students can complete certificate requirements through course electives. Recently, the DeGroote School of Business has received BTM Recognized status for the Certificate.

The  Honours Commerce program’s Certificate in Business Technology Management constitutes a BTM accredited program by the BTM Accreditation Council (BTMAC).