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Frequently Asked Questions

Course Registration

We understand that course enrolment can feel confusing at times, but there two great McMaster resources to make sure you’re on track to meet your degree requirements.

Advisement Report

Your Advisement Report on Mosaic can show you which courses are required for your degree for each academic level. It can also show you which courses you are already enrolled in.

Follow the steps to access your report:

Undergraduate Academic Calendar

The Undergraduate Academic Calendar lists your program requirements based on your year of entry into the program:

A full course load is 30 units.

All Business 1 students will also take a “0 unit” course (Commerce 1GR0), equaling 11 courses in first year.

You should enroll in:

  • Commerce 1GR0 A/B – DeGroote Experience and Development I
  • Commerce 1AA3 – Introductory Financial Accounting
  • Commerce 1BA3 – Organizational Behaviour
  • Commerce 1DA3 – Business Data Analytics
  • Commerce 1E03 – Business Environment and Organization
  • Commerce 1MA3 – Introduction to Marketing
  • Economics 1BX3 – Introductory Microeconomics
  • Economics 1BB3 – Introductory Macroeconomics
  • Math 1M03, 1A03 or 1LS3 – Calculus Option
  • Math 1F03 (if required) – Introduction to Calculus and Analytic Geometry

If you did not take Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors U, you will need to take Math 1F03 in Term 1 (Fall 2020).

Last day for enrolment and course changes (drop/add) is Wednesday, September 16, 2020.

However, the last day for withdrawing from courses without failure by default is Friday, November 13, 2020.

For exceptional circumstances, there is also the option of a late withdrawal.

See the Sessional Dates section of the Registrar’s website for more information about important University dates.

Sometimes courses that you may be interested in taking can be full.

If a class is “closed,” it means there are no available seats left for enrolment. You can continue to monitor Mosaic for an opening in your desired course until the end of the add / drop period each term.

To ensure an optimal learning experience for registered students, faculty offices cannot over-enrol a closed course.

We recommend that you log into Mosaic to search for other potential courses that could fit your needs.

Each specific program and entry year has their own number of electives available. Within your Commerce degree, you will take required Commerce courses, Commerce electives and non-Commerce electives.

Each year of your program, there are a different number of Commerce and non-Commerce electives available to you.

Your program requirements for each year can be found in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar or on your Advisement Report in Mosaic.

If you have fast-tracked your degree, or taken courses off-cycle, it is important to review your Advisement Report each year for confirmation.

Your Major is Commerce.

There is nothing you need to select or declare, however, you can choose an “Area of Focus” by selecting your Commerce electives in a specific area such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Systems & Operations Management, or Strategic Management.

There is no notation on your transcript or diploma that you have a focus, but it can be indicated on your resume.

Students in Commerce can complete the academic coursework requirements for various professional designations (or certificates) throughout their undergraduate degree.

Options include:

  • CHRP
  • CFA
  • CPA
  • BTM Certificate

Yes, students in the Bachelor of Commerce and Integrated Business and Humanities program can work towards a Minor!

Learn more about how to use your electives towards a Minor.

You will use your non-Commerce electives towards a Minor.

If you are interested in pursuing a Minor, you should review the requirements of the Minor on the Undergraduate Academic Calendar.

If you have questions on what Minors are available, or how a Minor would work with your degree, please meet with an Academic Advisor.

When choosing non-Commerce electives, you may only enroll if there is a green dot beside the class indicating it is open. Be aware of any reserve capacity messages!

The Faculty of Business does not control non-Commerce electives and cannot enroll students into these classes.

Continue to monitor Mosaic for an opening or contact the department that administers the class for more information!

A traditional course-load is five courses per term.

Many students opt to reduce their course load for a variety of reasons. To reduce your course load, only enroll in the number of courses you are comfortable taking per term.

However, if you want to have full-time student status, you need to enrol in at least three courses per term. If you enrol in only one or two courses per term, you will be considered a part-time student.

If you’re not sure if you want to reduce your course load or want to discuss how a reduced course load will impact your academic progress, book an appointment with an Academic Advisor!

Online Courses

Each course you are registered in will have its own outline, which you can review on Avenue to Learn.

A course outline is a document written by your instructor that provides all course-related information and provides a breakdown of your key deliverables for the course.

The course outline will also provide you with dates and format of any quiz, test or exams in the course.

If you have any questions regarding a specific course outline, use the contact information that your instructor lists within the outline.

All information on quizzes, tests and exams in the virtual Fall 2020 term can be found in your course outline on Avenue to Learn.

If you have specific questions or concerns regarding your personal circumstances, please reach out to your instructor.


Our Academic Advisors will continue to support students virtually through the Zoom platform and appointments can be made on OSCARplus.

How to Book an Zoom Academic Appointment on OSCARplus:

  • Log into OSCARplus with your MacID and password.
  • On the left hand side, click “DeGroote School of Business”.
  • Select “Appointments”.
  • Click “Commerce” and book an appointment by the View Calendar option. Please leave a detailed comment describing how an Academic Advisor can best assist you.
  • All Academic Advising appointments will be through the virtual Zoom platform. Upon booking, you will receive a Zoom link to connect with the Academic Advisor at the date/time of your appointment.
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