How to Register in Commerce 4SY3 or Commerce 4EL3

Please follow these instructions to register in Commerce 4SY3 (Independent Study in Business) or Commerce 4EL3 (Experiential Learning Project in Business).  Please note, you may only register in one instance of each course per term.

Choose a Topic

Decide what topic you want to study during the course. Determine which department area it fits in best.

Find a Supervisor

Decide which faculty member you’d like to ask to supervise you during the course. If you don’t know who to ask, approach the Area Chair for advice.

Complete the Proposal

Print out proposal form (for 4SY3) or proposal form (for 4EL3) and fill it out with your supervisor. The form includes information about the components of the course, evaluation, and deadlines.

Both your supervisor and the Associate Dean (Academic) need to sign the form when it’s complete.

Submit the Proposal

Submit the original copy of your proposal to Alexis Norvack in DSB-112.

She will put a waiver and seat authorization on MOSAIC for you which will make it possible for you to register in the course.


On MOSAIC, register for Commerce 4SY3 or Commerce 4EL3.

If your proposal has not been approved yet when you complete the rest of your registration, register for another course in place of your preferred course for the time being. During the drop and add period, after your proposal has been approved, you can drop the replacement course and add your preferred course (4SY3 or 4EL3).

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