Start-Up Toolkit

The Commerce program at DeGroote School of Business sets all students up for success with a rigorous academic program and policies. Review these links to learn the expectations for all students in the program.

Communication Channels

The DeGroote family uses various social media channels to communicate. Follow us here:

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McMaster University Supports

Welcome to McMaster!
Start up your first year bookmarking resources for your academic success, campus life, student engagement, and library services available for free for all McMaster students.

McMaster University Library (COVID-19 Response)
Open virtually, the library continues to provide services and resources. Learn here how we support your academic work.

Academic Integrity
This site explains what academic dishonesty and plagiarism are, why their understanding is important for your academic success, and allows you to test yourself to identify what additional resources you need.

Grade Requirements
These are the grade requirements for moving through the levels of DeGroote’s Commerce program.

DeGroote School of Business Missed Course Work Policy
This policy outlines the reasons that allow missing course work and describes scenarios typically considered to be legitimate.

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Student Experience Supports and Opportunities

DeGroote Student Experience Team
The DeGroote Student Experience Team supports you in all questions and issues related to your academic activities and career journey.

The DeGroote Experience Fund
This fund is used to help DeGroote students learn through experience. Funding is available to DeGroote students or student teams for national and international competitions, conferences, leadership workshops, and a wide variety of events.

Student Success Centre
This office offers a variety of programs and resources to support the development of your academic and career skills.

Archway is a new support team at McMaster that works with all incoming first-year students from the day they are accepted and right up until second-year. You will be connected with an Archway Coach and Mentor who will take the time to understand your goals and what you want out of your McMaster experience.

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)
SAS provides academic accommodations assistance to students with disabilities.

International Student Services (ISS)
The ISS organizes individual appointments, workshops, and events aimed at supporting McMaster University’s international student community. ISS can provide information about study permits/visas, exchange, health insurance coverage, and employment in Canada.

Student Wellness
The McMaster University Student Wellness Centre provides medical services, counselling, and wellness programs to support your mental and physical health.

McMaster University’s SafetyApp provides quick access to campus safety information, emergency contacts, crime maps, and resources for emergency planning.

Equity and Inclusion Office
The Equity and Inclusion Office provides information and works with campus partners to address systemic equity and inclusion issues. Their mandate includes timely responses and resolution for harassment, discrimination, and sexual violence.

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Succeeding as a University Student

Successful Students Ask for Help
This resource provides information on the importance of maintaining a connection with your instructors and asking for help when you need it. This resource will also cover email best practices when contacting instructors, professors, and teaching assistants.

Undergrad Writing Centre
The Undergrad Writing Centre provides support for learning how to correct your own writing and identify areas of improvement in your writing. note that writing advisors cannot proofread, edit, or write work for students.

McMaster Office for the Development of English Language Learners (MODEL)
MODEL offers free workshops, individual appointments, and language assessments to help McMaster University students improve their English language skills.

Undergrad Peer Tutoring Network (UPTN)
The UPTN provides subsidized peer tutoring services for undergraduate students; these sessions are organized in-person or virtually.

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Starting Your Professional Life

Your professional development starts at DeGroote. Here are your main sources of support and information to develop your professional self and career.

Student Experience: Career and Professional Development
The DeGroote School of Business offers various Career and Professional Development Services for its students through in-person, online, and alumni resources. These services include career coaching, interview preparation, resume review, and networking opportunities.

DeGroote Commerce Society Clubs and Committees
The DeGroote Commerce Society has more than fifteen different clubs and committees aimed at enriching your university experience and preparing you to enter the workforce.

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Digital Learning Tools

Interactive Student Guide to Online Learning
Set yourself up for success as an online learner by activating your MacID and learning about what technology you need and best practices for learning online.

McMaster Email Address
Once you become a student, we can only contact you through your McMaster email address. To activate your account, log into Mosaic. Click on MacID and email on your Mosaic Home. Select the Activate button, then save. Your McMaster email account may not be fully functional for 24 hours.

Technology Resources for McMaster Students – Device Recommendations 
This page is the place to find recommendations, tips, and resources for online security, University-provided software, and more to support your online learning.

Introduction to Avenue to Learn for New McMaster Students
If you are starting your first semester at McMaster, the first place to look for course information might be, the university’s learning management system.

Avenue to Learn – Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment for Learners
The Learning Management System used at McMaster University is Avenue to Learn (Brightspace). This playlist of videos teaches you how to use its various functions to benefit your academic work.

Pulse – Brightspace Pulse Overview Learner
Brightspace Pulse App helps you organize your course work with real-time due date tracking and notifications when instructors post new announcements.

Top Hat – Students
Top Hat is a paid subscription service that some professors use to share class resources, track participation/attendance, and administer evaluations. You can access it through the website or through the mobile application. Some instructors will attach a grade for participation in Top Hat.

MS Teams – Connecting with Microsoft Teams as a Student
Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaborative hub (and part of the Office365 suite of programs – free for McMaster staff and students).

Zoom – Zoom EDU: Zoom for Students
This videoconferencing tool is now available to McMaster faculty, staff and active students and supported through our University Technology Services.

OSCARplus is McMaster University’s hub for career development, recruitment, and experiential education. It is where DeGroote BCom students can sign up for academic advising appointments, browse career and internship opportunities, and sign up for various career development events. For more information, check out how OSCARplus can be used.

This is McMaster University’s student information system. Through Mosaic, you can enroll in courses, view your timetable, check your grades, request transcripts, view your financial information, apply for scholarships, and much more.

This site links you to various resources and services for students, such as COVID-19 resources, the DeGroote Experience Fund, case competitions, and more.

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