Letter of Permission Procedure

A document of these instructions can be found here.

Students who wish to take courses at another university you must complete the Request for Letter of Permission through Mosaic.   In the commerce program, only non-commerce electives can be taken. No more than 6 units of a minor can be from transfer credit or letter of permission courses. Students are only permitted to take courses on LOP during the summer term.

Do not register for courses at the host university until you receive written permission from the Student Experience –Academic Programs Office. 

  • First year students are permitted to take courses on LOP, ONLY after the manual assessment is completed and are eligible to continue on to level 2.  This usually happens at the end of May.
  • Final year students are permitted to take courses during the fall and winter terms.
  • Students with two “F”s in their transcript will not be permitted to take LOP courses.
  • Students should meet with an academic advisor before a LOP request is submitted.
  • Students will receive an email within 5 business days after the accurately completed application is submitted.
  • Incoming students are not permitted to take Commerce course on Letter of Permission.

Course Approval

Pre-approved course equivalencies can be found on the Registrar’s website. Click on “Search Course Equivalencies”.

If the course has NOT been previously reviewed it can be submitted for consideration by following the steps below.

Complete the LOP Course Equivalency Request Form and submit this request via email to the  program coordinator – Student Experience – Academic Office to review it. Courses will begin to be approved on the first day of Spring/Summer course registration, which is March 20th.

Applying for a Letter of Permission at the Host University

  • Students are responsible for making a formal application to the institution where they intend to study.
  • Review the other university’s website to ensure the course is offered.
  • Follow the host institution’s application procedures paying close attention to the dates and deadlines.
  • Print the Letter of Permission, available in the Mosaic Student Centre, and send it to the host university.
  • Enrol in courses at the host university – applying for an LOP through MOSAIC will not do this for you automatically.


  • Students wanting to take courses in the spring/summer term must submit the application between March 1st to July 3rd. 
  • Final year students hoping to take a course in the final winter term must submit their application before December 1st.
  • Application submitted after the above dates will NOT be processed.


Completing a Letter of Permission:


  • Upon completion of any course(s) taken at another institution, students must request an official transcript to be sent directly from the host university to:

Sriyani Dissanayake, SE-A, DeGroote School of Business, DSB 112, 1280 Main St. W., Hamilton ON. L8S 4M3

  • If an official transcript is not received, a grade of NC (No Credit) will appear on your McMaster transcript.
  • If a minimum grade of C-(60%) is achieved, a grade of T (Transfer) will appear on your McMaster transcript. These units will satisfy requisites and count toward your degree, but will not be calculated into your cumulative grade point average.
  • If a minimum grade of C-(60%) is not achieved, a grade of NC (No Credit) will appear on your McMaster transcript. These units will not count towards your degree nor will they be used in the calculation of your cumulative grade point average.
  • If you apply for a Letter of Permission, but decide NOT to register/complete the course, you must provide proof of this in the form of a transcript, letter, or email from the host university. Failure to do so will result in a grade of NC on your McMaster Transcript.


Graduation Considerations


Student in their final year and are expecting to graduate, transcripts for LOP courses must be

received by no later than:

  • May 15th for the Spring Convocation
  • October 15th for the Fall Convocation


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