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Undergraduate Commerce and IBH Students at the McMaster Arch

Undergraduate Business at DeGroote

At the DeGroote School of Business, our educational setting cultivates shared values of collaboration, community, inclusivity, innovation and integrity.  

Undergraduate Commerce and IBH Students at the McMaster Arch

The DeGroote Difference

The DeGroote School of Business is proud to run one of the leading undergraduate business programs in Canada. Our learning environment fosters collective values of collaboration, community, inclusivity, innovation, and integrity. We strive to develop leaders who think big, try new things, act with integrity, and embrace the constant change that surrounds us.

The corporate world demands that leaders possess a range of essential skills to be successful. The experiential learning environment at DeGroote supports the development of those key skills while reflecting the growing importance of technology, creativity, and interpersonal communication in the workplace, as well as the need for individuals to be adaptable and resilient in the face of change.

What You Get

As a student at DeGroote, you will be the agent of transformation in the years ahead, disrupting how we do business and significantly expanding DeGroote’s contributions to Canadian society. With an emphasis on greater collaboration across faculties, experiential learning opportunities, and fostering a vibrant sense of community, the DeGroote School of Business will best prepare you for a future in an ever evolving business landscape. 


The DeGroote Advantage:

  • Gain professional experience with Ontario’s largest business internship program
  • Learn from distinguished faculty that are experts in their field and sessional instructors who bring relevant insight from their active professions
  • Put your learning into action with courses that focus on real world scenarios and challenge you to think creatively
  • Broaden your knowledge with exciting experiential learning opportunities; $100,000 is available each year through the DeGroote Experience Fund to help students attend global and local conferences, workshops, and competitions
  • Develop a global mindset, and enhance your intercultural fluency through our exchange program, featuring 89 schools in over 25 countries
  • Customize your business education through our diverse course offerings and areas of focus; enrol in courses that can set you on the path to achieving professional designations valued by employers
  • Thrive in an inclusive environment with a community of supportive faculty, staff, and peers that champion diverse perspectives and new ideas
  • Maximize your leadership potential and expand your personal and professional networks by participating in our 15+ DeGroote student-led committees and clubs

Our Core Programs

Undergraduate-Commerce. Three individuals smiling and standing close together, proudly displaying a sign for the camera. The sign reads


As a Commerce student at DeGroote, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of business, driving transformation, expanding DeGroote’s impact on Canadian society, and developing the skills needed to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape through collaboration, experiential learning, and a vibrant community. 

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Integrated Business and Humanities (IBH)

The Integrated Business and Humanities (IBH) program blends traditional business education with the critical thinking and communication skills of the Humanities. Designed to produce the next generation of Canadian business leaders with the skills to take on a new economy in a complex world. 

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Customizing Your Degree: Minors and Professional Designations

The DeGroote School of Business will give you the knowledge and skills to apply to just about any career that interests you. During your third and fourth years, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your career path by enrolling in specialized courses that concentrate on specific business disciplines. These specializations, known as ‘areas of focus,’ allow you to tailor your learning experience within the program. Moreover, we extend these minor options to students from other faculties, enabling them to explore and benefit from DeGroote. 

Minors are a designation on your diploma that recognizes courses completed in another area of study. Minors can complement your degree, deepen your interdisciplinary knowledge, and set you apart to employers from other Business graduates.  

There are also several professional designations that you can work towards during your undergraduate degree. This means taking coursework to qualify for designation in CFA, CPA, CHRP, and CFP.

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Undergraduate-Student-Andrew Yang-IBH '26

My journey as an Integrated Business and Humanities student at the DeGroote has been nothing short of transformative. The unique co-curriculum seamlessly blending business acumen with a deeper understanding of humanities has not only equipped me with a robust skillset, but also fostered a holistic perspective crucial for today's dynamic world.

Andrew Yang

Integrated Business and Humanities (IBH), 2026

Undergraduate-Student-Mishita Patel-BCom ‘25

As a DeGroote student something that I am so grateful for is the sense of community we have. It is truly an environment that fosters personal and professional growth. This encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and partake in clubs and committees that helped me discover my interests and skills.

Mishita Patel

Commerce, 2025

Undergraduate-Student-Huiqiao Mao-BCom ‘26

Apart from its well-known strong academic atmosphere, DeGroote has been consistently reminded me to consider how to utilize my academic achievements for future career development. In addition, DeGroote provides a variety of opportunities for students to help them fulfill their goals, such as clubs and networking opportunities. For instance, the Career & Professional Development team, as a specific example, successfully assisted me in promoting my personal brand and preparing for the application process, ultimately leading to a 2024 summer intern position at a prestigious international company.

Huiqiao Mao

Commerce, 2026

Undergraduate-Student-Claire Lovely-IBH ‘27-1080 x 1080

DeGroote is more than a school. It is a home for learners, diverse minds, and change makers. One not only receives a formal business education, but is also taught the merit of networking, teamwork, and innovation. With the numerous clubs, teams, and support staff, DeGroote is the perfect spot for business students who want to make a difference.

Claire Lovely

Integrated Business and Humanities (IBH), 2027

Undergraduate-Student-Emily Kuo-BCom ‘24

DeGroote is such a tight knit community. I am always finding new opportunities to meet and network with other people in my class, program, or clubs that I join whether that be as a general member, executive member or higher leadership role. At DeGroote, there is so much room to not only grow academically and professionally but as an individual and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Emily Kuo

Commerce, 2024

International Exchange Program

Gain tangible skills in your program of study, challenge your personal limits, foster a global perspective, and differentiate your resume all while working towards your degree requirements. Regardless of country, all international Exchange Program experiences will be taught in English.

Undergraduate-Exchange. A cluster of people striking a pose for a photograph atop a cliff, showcasing a sense of unity and purpose while in exhange.

Expand Your Horizons

Every term, DeGroote students travel thousands of kilometers to 28 countries. 

They learn to say ‘hello’ in 12 languages, eat a total of 32,400 new and global meals, and become comfortable crossing international and cultural boundaries. 

Most importantly, students gain a new perspective on business through their international student experience. 

This is your chance to study abroad without paying international tuition fees. Tuition is paid directly to McMaster University. Each student is eligible to apply for funding through the McMaster Exchange grants and scholarships, in addition to the KILLIAM Fellowship, McMaster General Bursary Program, and OSAP.

Undergraduate-Exchange. A cluster of people striking a pose for a photograph atop a cliff, showcasing a sense of unity and purpose while in exhange.

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