DeGroote School of Business

Internship Program FAQ

Undergraduate-Minors-and-Professional-Designations. A team of business professionals, elegantly attired, walking confidently through a corporate corridor.

The BCom with Internship Program is an opportunity for business students to gain corporate work experience with an employer between their third and fourth year of studies. Work terms are 12 or 16 months in length beginning anytime between May and September.

The experience students gain while on internship enhances skills to effectively market their brand to employers. Statistics indicate that students who have participated in experiential learning programs are more likely to be granted interviews by employers during graduate on-campus recruitment.  Some returning interns are offered full-time employment prior to their final year of studies. All internships are paid opportunities. The average annual salary for participants is approximately $43,800 each year.

Students may be required to move to a different city during the internship, depending on the company’s location. Since internship increases the Commerce program duration by one full year, friends and peers who did not choose internship will have graduated before the intern is in the final year of study.

Commerce 2IN0 is a mandatory course that is a prerequisite for admission into the internship program. The course equips students with the skills to effectively transition from the classroom to the workplace.

The number of positions varies each year depending on employer needs, changing market demand, and number of students enrolled. Typically, there are over 400 postings available each year.

The Career and Professional Development team continues to grow the internship program. Currently, over 250 students secure internships each year.