Transfer to First Year from Another McMaster Program

This information is for McMaster students in another program who are interested in transferring to the first year of the business program (Business I).


The Business I program can only accept a limited number of students each year.  To be considered, you must meet the following criteria.

  • You must have completed 24 – 30 units during the fall and winter semesters (September to April). Spring / summer courses do not count.
  • Your GPA must be at least 6.0 (C+). (This doesn’t guarantee admission though.)
  • Credit in one of the following courses:
    • If you did not receive credit in Ontario high school Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U, or the equivalent) you must have credit in Math 1F03.
    • Math 1K03 (with a grade of at least B-).
  • If you did not receive credit in Ontario high school Mathematics of Data Management U (MDM4U, or the equivalent) you must have credit in Stats 1L03.
  • First priority will be given to students who have not failed, repeated, and/or upgraded any university course(s).
  • You must not have already completed all the required courses (or the equivalents) of the Business I program (whether at McMaster or another institution).

If you do not qualify for a transfer, you may want to consider a minor in business. The Academic Advisors for your current program should be able to help you if you decide to pursue this option.


If you are currently registered in another McMaster program, you can apply for an internal transfer in Mosaic during Program Selection in April. You must select “Business I” as one of the programs to which you’d like to transfer.

To find the Program Selection Tool in Mosaic search Student Centre > My Academics > Program/Plan/Subplan Selection.

The deadline to apply for a transfer from another McMaster program is April 30, 2020. If you are applying from MELD, or a level 2 or 3 McMaster program, or if the program selection tool is not available to you, you must submit a hard copy Program Application Form to DSB 112.

You will be notified of our decision on your grade report at the end of May.

Transfer Credits

If your transfer to Business I is accepted, you may be eligible for up to 12 units of transfer credit (maximum).

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