Course Description

COMMERCE 4SH3 - Case Analysis & Presentation Skills

  • Prerequisite: Commerce 3MC3 and either registration in Level 3 or 4 of the Honours Commerce program or Level 4 of the Commerce program.
  • Antirequisite: Commerce 4EL3 if taken in Winter 2014 and the topic was "Case Analysis & Presentations Skills."

The case method is an experiential learning method that brings realism to problem solving and allows the students to realistically assess what a firm is able to overcome and how it applies its limited resources to the problem or opportunity at hand. Numerous scholars credit case analysis with developing effective decision-making and critical thinking skills. Cases allow students to directly apply and integrate theories from various business disciplines to real-world situations/problems. Students will be working in teams and will have the opportunity to present their analysis and recommendations to a panel of judges. Hence, they will also develop their presentation skills, team management and communication skills.

The first half of the course will provide students with the tools they need to approach case analysis. These tools include problem solving methodologies, communication approaches and team building skills. The final half of the course will allow students to practice applying these tools in case analysis situations in a three hour format. The cases will cover various industries and companies as well as different disciplines. Students will also be able to critique the analysis’ of their peers. This develops students ability to anticipate questions that may be asked of them by a panel of judges as well as learn techniques brought forth by others in the course.

In alignment with the DeGroote School of Business’ Statement of Purpose, this course will emphasize effective experiential learning approaches to prepare students for market-ready success.

Course Offerings

Fall 2019

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4SH3 C01 Neville Outline

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