Course Outlines

Course outlines for undergraduate commerce courses can be found on this page. If you can’t find the outline for your course, please contact your professor.

All Courses

1AA3Financial Accounting I
1B03Business Environment and Organization
1BA3Organizational Behaviour
1DE0Business 1 Orientation
1E03Business Environment and Organization
1PA0Orientation to Business Undergrad Program
2AA3Financial Accounting
2AB3Managerial Accounting
2BA3Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources
2BC3Human Resources and Labour Relations
2FA3Introduction to Finance
2IN0Career Development Course
2KA3Information Systems in Management
2MA3Introduction to Marketing
2OC3Production and Operations Management
2QA3Applied Statistics for Business
3AB3Intermediate Financial Accounting II
3AC3Financial Accounting II
3FA3Managerial Finance
3FB3Security Analysis
3FC3International Finance
3FD3Financial Modelling
3FE3Financial Management for Health Care Organizations
3FH3Alternative Investments and Portfolio Management
3FI3Market Trading with Options
3IN0Commerce Internship Program
3KA3System Analysis & Design
3KD3Database Design & Management
3KE3Management of Enterprise Data Analytics
3MA3Marketing Research
3MB3Consumer Motivation
3MC3Applied Marketing Management
3QA3Management Science for Business
3QC3Production and Operations Management
3SO3Management Skills Development
4AA3Managerial Accounting II
4AC3Financial Accounting IV
4AD3Introduction to Auditing
4AF3Accounting Theory
4AK3Accounting Information for Decision Making
4BB3Recruitment and Selection
4BC3Collective Bargaining
4BD3Settlement of Industrial Disputes
4BE3Strategic Compensation and Reward Systems
4BG3Public Sector Collective Bargaining
4BI3Training and Development
4BK3Strategic Management of Technology
4BL3Occupational Health & Safety Management
4BM3Strategic Human Resource Planning
4EL3Experiential Learning in Business
4FA3Applied Corporate Finance
4FB3Valuation for Finance Professionals
4FC3Ethics and Professional Practice in Finance
4FD3Financial Institutions
4FE3Options and Futures
4FF3Portfolio Theory and Management
4FG3Financial Theory
4FH3Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Control
4FI3Market Trading with Futures and Forwards
4FJ3Fixed Income Analysis
4FK3Financial Statement Analysis
4FL3Personal Financial Management
4FM3Personal Financial Planning and Advising
4FN3Financial Risk Management
4FO3Small Business/Entrepreneurial Finance
4FP3Personal Finance
4FQ3Working Capital Management
4FR3Insurance and Risk Management
4FS3Pension, Retirement, and Estate Planning
4FT3Real Estate Finance and Investments
4FU3Behavioral Finance
4FV3Venture Capital
4FW3Finance for Entrepreneurs
4FX3Selected Topics
4FY3Introduction to FinTech
4FZ3Islamic Finance
4KF3Project Management
4KG3Data Mining and Business Intelligence
4KH3Strategies for Electronic and Mobile Business
4KI3Implementation of Information Systems for Small and Medium Size Enterprises
4MC3New Product Marketing
4MD3Business Marketing
4ME3Sales Management
4MF3Retailing Management
4MG3Strategic Philanthropy and Leadership
4MH3Electronic Marketing
4MI3Marketing Analytics
4OB3Analysis of Production/Operations Problems
4OD3Purchasing and Supply Management
4OI3Introduction to Supply Chain Management
4OT3Transportation and Warehousing Management
4PA3Business Policy
4PG3Corporate Governance
4QA3Operations Modelling & Analysis
4QC3Managerial Decision Modelling with Spreadsheets
4QX3Introduction to Supply Chain Management
4SA3International Business
4SB3Federal Income Taxation in Canada
4SC3Advanced Canadian Taxation
4SD3Commerical Law
4SG3Corporations and Society
4SH3Case Analysis & Presentation Skills
4SM3Strategic Sports Management
4SX3White Collar Crime
500Advanced Accounting Topics
501Advanced Auditing
503Financial Reporting & Analysis
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