DeGroote School of Business

IBH Supplemental Application FAQ’s

The supplemental application is a mandatory part of the admissions process for the Integrated Business and Humanities program. You have the option to complete a separate supplementary application for the Commerce program if you have applied to both DeGroote undergraduate programs. Click here for more information about the Commerce supplemental application.

The Kira Talent supplemental application will open in early December, which is the earliest that you can receive your email invitation.

It can take 1-3 weeks from the time you have applied on OUAC and received your acknowledgment email before you will receive the invitation to complete your supplementary application. The invitation to complete the interview will be sent to the email address that you used to apply to the program. Thank you for your patience! Be sure to check your “promotions”, “junk”, and/or “spam” folders. If you still have not received an email invitation, please contact

Yes! The supplemental applications for these programs are separate. The supplemental application for IBH is a mandatory part of the application process and is conducted through Kira Talent. The Commerce program supplemental application is optional but encouraged; it is used to award scholarships and consider applicants on the border of the admissions range. More information about the Commerce program supplemental application can be found here.

The IBH supplemental application consists of 5 asynchronous video interview questions and a resume submission. The interview questions will take approximately 10-20 minutes to complete in total. Unlimited practice sessions are available, however, once you begin your formal video interview, you will only get one opportunity to answer each question. Please note: the practice questions are intended to test your technology and help you understand the Kira Talent platform. They are not indicative of the types of questions that will be asked in the formal interview. You will be required to complete at least two practice questions, but you are able to complete more if you wish.

Please situate your computer camera against a plain backdrop, so that only you are visible in the frame. Ensure the area that you choose is well lit, quiet, and free from disruptions. Interruptions may affect the outcome of your answer and our Review Committee’s ability to assess your responses. Outside help is not permitted during this interview.

Ensure that you are dressed comfortably and professionally. You may wish to keep writing supplies nearby for you to map your responses during the 45 second preparation time.

Before you complete your interview questions, you will be asked to upload your resume. Please refer to the sample resume on the main page to understand the preferred format.

For each video response, you will have 60 seconds to prepare your answer and 90 seconds to verbally respond to your question. Any attempt to obtain more time is considered academically dishonest and will be flagged by the Kira system.

Please contact Kira Talent directly by clicking the “Need Help?” button and choosing ‘Live Chat’ at the top right at any point in the process. You can also email the Kira Talent Support Team directly at

If you require an accommodation during the video interview process, please reach out to We will work with you based on your individual education plan (IEP).

Your supplementary application status on your Mosaic student account should be updated 3-4 weeks after the supplementary application deadline; for non-Ontario high school applicants, it may take longer. Seeing a pending or incomplete status is normal! Once you complete your Kira Talent application, you should receive a confirmation email stating that you have completed your assessment. You can rest assured that your application has been successfully submitted as long as you receive this email.

You can also click on your initial invitation link which will show your progress in the Kira Talent application. If you see that your progress is 100%, you have successfully completed the entire application.

If you have any further questions during the Kira Talent supplemental application process, please reach out to