New and Special Topic Courses

New Courses

COMMERCE 3FL3 – Sustainable and Social Finance

Students will discuss how financial markets can play a socially-beneficial role. How public companies play a role in creating a more sustainable world. What role endowments play in the success of the nonprofit sector. The role socially-responsible businesses, impact investments and green bonds play in helping to improve social outcomes. A major focus will be learning to evaluate public companies from an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) perspective. ESG has become a critical skill set in evaluating investments.

Prerequisite(s): COMMERCE 3FA3; and registration in level III or above in any
Bachelor of Commerce or Engineering and Management program or relevant minor

COMMERCE 3FK3 – Intermediate Corporate Finance

This course will provide an overview of the theory, methods and concerns of Corporate Finance. The course will examine the important issues in corporate finance (capital budgeting, capital structure, dividend policy, interaction of investment and financing decisions) from the perspective of the financial manager. Although lecture-based, the course will also use a number of cases to illustrate the theory.

Prerequisite(s): COMMERCE 3FA3 or IBH 3AC3 and registration in level III or above in any Bachelor of Commerce or Engineering and Management program or relevant minor

Commerce 3FM3 – The History of Finance

From the invention of writing to manage agricultural surpluses through modern pensions and computerized markets, the financial systems used to coordinate our resources have been essential to the rise of civilization and the long-term success of nations.  This course explores the emergence, evolution, and future of the tools and organizations that made it possible.  By studying the history of debt, banking, corporations, stock markets, pension, insurance companies, and investment funds students will learn why such institutions are organized as they are today and how we might design better versions to tackle the challenges of the 21st century. Though the history of finance is global, this course also considers the unique economic history of Canada to help students better navigate the constraints, opportunities, policies, and relationships that shape the modern business environment.

Prerequisite(s): COMMERCE 2FA3 or equivalent.

Commerce 3J03 – The Business of Entertainment

This course will prepare and equip students with practical tools and a realistic understanding of why every business needs to think like an entertainment company. Students will learn to successfully identify and navigate ‘real life’ obstacles using imaginative modes of creativity specific to the entertainment industry.

Pre-requisite(s): Registration in any four or five level program


Special Topic Courses

Commerce 3SJ3 – Innovation Lab

This course focuses on implementation of students’ business knowledge and skills to analyze innovation. As such, it is an opportunity for students to perform “live fire exercises” in building business strategies on how to translate discoveries generated by McMaster’s researchers into commercially viable products. Students will learn how to assess commercial potential of scientific discoveries from market and competitor analysis through building business and development strategies for venture formation (see workflow below for more details). Students will have a chance to create commitments from interested stakeholders to participate in technology evaluation and development as well as spreading the network of business partners. It is expected that students form a team with their classmates and Inventors (e.g. life science, medicine, engineering) to grasp the underlying technology, from basic understanding of the value that technology can generate, to the targeted market that technology could serve. The goals are: a) to move discovery closer to application, b) identify stakeholders that could benefit from becoming partners, c) support fundraising for technology development, and d) outperform the competition. This course develops business and soft skills that can be applied in any circumstance (e.g., non-for-profit, industry, start-up) where technology should be developed and brought to the market.

Prerequisite(s): Registration in level III or above in any Bachelor of Commerce or Engineering and Management program or Instructor Permission

Health Innovation & Entrepreneurship Courses

New course offerings for you this coming January!  Offered in partnership with the DeGroote Initiative for Innovation in Healthcare (Health Innovation, Commercialization, & Entrepreneurship), and now available for registration in Mosaic!

HTHSCI 3PP3 – Health Ventures

In this case-based course, students will develop skills for defining problems, designing solutions, and activating opportunities for entrepreneurship and health innovation.

Prerequisite(s):  Registration in Level 3 or above of any program.

HTHSCI 4IS3 – Frameshift Innovation Labs

In this course, students will have the opportunity to apply entrepreneurship skills to real-world health and clinical contexts in an interdisciplinary team.

Prerequisite(s):  HTHSCI 3PP3, or INSPIRE 3EL3 – Health Ventures, or permission of the instructor.

Minors and Certificates

New: Minor in Innovation

The Minor in Innovation is a partnership between the Faculties of Engineering and Business and is intended for students from all Faculties who wish to learn more about innovation and develop a level of innovation literacy, as well as those who are themselves innovators and wish to develop skills to create their own enterprise. To meet these varied needs, the minor includes a wide range of courses in innovation and may be taken as a course only option, or may include a practicum.

New: Certificate in Business Technology Management

Business Technology Management (BTM) is a professional discipline that equips graduates with the ability to lead and support the strategic use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the digital transformation of organizations. Its standards seek to ensure that professionals develop greater managerial ability, while continuing to develop technology awareness and skills. BTM certification sets the standard for professional excellence.

The Certificate in Business Technology Management provides a pathway for Honours Commerce students to become a Certified BTM Professional by completing certificate requirements through course electives. BTM certification is administered by BTM Forum, a national organization designed to support a unified Canadian BTM profession. Upon completion of the required BTM coursework, students must be assessed to receive a BTM designation through the BTM Forum.