New and Special Topics Courses

New Courses

COMMERCE 3FL3 – Sustainable and Social Finance

Students will discuss how financial markets can play a socially-beneficial role. How public companies play a role in creating a more sustainable world. What role endowments play in the success of the nonprofit sector. The role socially-responsible businesses, impact investments and green bonds play in helping to improve social outcomes. A major focus will be learning to evaluate public companies from an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) perspective. ESG has become a critical skill set in evaluating investments.

Prerequisite(s): COMMERCE 3FA3; and registration in level III or above in any
Bachelor of Commerce or Engineering and Management program or relevant minor.

Commerce 3FM3 – The History of Finance

From the invention of writing to manage agricultural surpluses through modern pensions and computerized markets, the financial systems used to coordinate our resources have been essential to the rise of civilization and the long-term success of nations.  This course explores the emergence, evolution, and future of the tools and organizations that made it possible.  By studying the history of debt, banking, corporations, stock markets, pension, insurance companies, and investment funds students will learn why such institutions are organized as they are today and how we might design better versions to tackle the challenges of the 21st century. Though the history of finance is global, this course also considers the unique economic history of Canada to help students better navigate the constraints, opportunities, policies, and relationships that shape the modern business environment.

Prerequisite(s): COMMERCE 2FA3 or equivalent.

Commerce 3J03 – The Business of Entertainment

This course will prepare and equip students with practical tools and a realistic understanding of why every business needs to think like an entertainment company. Students will learn to successfully identify and navigate ‘real life’ obstacles using imaginative modes of creativity specific to the entertainment industry.

Prerequisite(s): Registration in any four or five-level program.

Commerce 4SI3 – Innovation for Social impact

This new interdisciplinary course will provide undergraduate students from Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business with the opportunity to learn, test, and apply key skills for social innovation in the non-profit sector. In the classroom, students will build understanding of key concepts related to social innovation including impact assessment, systems mapping, design thinking, collective impact, and theory of change while also learning about the unique characteristics and work environment of the non-profit sector. In the community, students will engage with a non-profit partner to help them conceptualize, develop, and/or implement a social innovation.

The coursework will consist of two parts.

In-class learning (50%). Through teaching cases, lectures, videos, and guest speakers, students will learn about social innovation. This learning will be assessed through in-class engagement and assignments.

Project-Based Learning (50%).  Students working in interdisciplinary teams will be matched with not-for-profits from within the United Way Halton and Hamilton network in a project-based learning (PBL) setting to learn and apply new tools, methods, techniques, and strategies associated with social innovation. Through this project, student teams will make meaningful progress towards bringing a social innovation to life in their partner not-for-profit.

Prerequisite(s): Registration in level IV or above in any Bachelor of Commerce, Social Science, or Humanities program; and permission of the instructor.

Registering for the course: Spaces are limited. For those interested in applying, please contact


Special Topics Courses

Commerce 4FX3 – Big Data in Finance

This course introduces business students to the applications of data science, its key statistical tools, and the underlying technology in the finance area. Students gain a deeper understanding of how finance, technology, and statistics intersect in an applied setting to solve tough problems in innovative ways. The course is intended to equip students with skills in solving problems requiring acquisition, management, and analysis of very large datasets.

Prerequisite(s): COMMERCE 2FB3 or IBH 3AC3; and registration in any Bachelor of Commerce or Engineering and Management program or relevant minor.

Please see the intro video here.