New and Special Topic Courses

New Courses

Commerce 3KE3 – Management of Enterprise Data Analytics

Data analytics allow organizations to build competitive strategies around data-driven insights and derive value from data. This course provides students with an overview of enterprise data analytics and an introduction to the concepts which underlie its effective deployment and management. The course addresses some of the basic procedures and controls of Big Data which provide management with a basis for deriving maximum value from analytics projects. This course incorporates a variety of teaching and learning methods including lectures, assignments, case studies, group work, presentations, and readings. The course encompasses managerial, technical and statistical perspectives, showing how each area is dependent on the other to make enterprise analytics work.

Prerequisite(s): COMMERCE 2KA3 and registration in level III or above in any Honours Commerce or Engineering and Management program or Level IV of the Commerce program.

Commerce 4CA3 – Managing and Promoting Health and Healthcare Services

This course provides coverage through a health lens of Social Marketing, Strategy, Segmentation and Targeting, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Research and Ethical Issues, the “4Ps” and Controlling/Monitoring.

Prerequisite(s): Commerce 3MC3 and registration in Level III or above in any four or five-level program.

Commerce 4FY3 – Introduction to FinTech

The course provides a broad overview of the financial technology (FinTech) industry.  Specifically, it will cover; how financial services have evolved – key players and their roles; existing products, how FinTech has evolved – key players and their innovations; technologies underpinning FinTech innovations, major FinTech innovations and their impact on financial services, regulations governing the financial services industry and how to identify and analyze future trends/opportunities of FinTech.


Commerce 4MI3 – Marketing Analytics

Marketing departments are increasingly utilizing data routinely collected by their organizations to improve marketing decision making and more effectively allocate resources.  This course will familiarize students with tools necessary for converting raw data into valuable consumer insights.  The course offers a hands-on, practical approach, giving students the opportunity to become familiar with data analysis software.  The course will emphasize both inference and prediction and highlight the trade-offs associated with different marketing analytics methods.

Registration in any Commerce, Engineering and Management, or Honours Business Informatics program; COMMERCE 2MA3 and COMMERCE 3MA3 for students registered in any Commerce program; COMMERCE 2MA3 for students registered in any Engineering and Management or Honours Business Informatics program.

Commerce 4OT3 – Transportation and Warehouse Management

Transportation and warehousing play a critical role in the supply chain and the economy. They are a key enablers for customer-oriented strategies such as same-day or overnight deliveries. This course will help students understand the strategic role of transportation and logistics.  The course covers concepts such as transportation costing and pricing; warehouse equipment and operations; warehouse layout; order processing; and transportation network design and optimization. The course will also use SAP.

Prerequisite(s):  COMMERCE 3QA3 and registration in Level III or above in any Honours Commerce or Engineering and Management program; or Level IV of the Commerce program.

Commerce 4SM3 – Sports Management

This course emphasizes management principles as they relate to the business of sports. Students are introduced to the following sports management issues: marketing and advertising of sports events and brands, understanding of legal and ethical issues in sport, media and promotion, sponsorship and event management, sports equipment and product management, recreational sports management and other related areas. There is an emphasis on developing and improving communication skills as much of the course content will be case-based. An overview is provided with regard to career opportunities in the sports management field.

Prerequisite(s): Registration in Level IV or above

Innovate 3ZZ3 – Imagining and Navigating the Future

This ambitious interdisciplinary course provides a platform for students to develop the strategic foresight, planning and leadership skills needed to imagine and shape the future. Students will analyze the systems, trends and uncertainties driving the future of such business and social domains as workplaces, healthcare systems, climate change, and financial markets. Students will also develop the skills needed to mobilize people and resources towards desired outcomes. In addition to team experiential learning projects, students will explore future directions on issues of personal interest.

Prerequisite(s): Registration in Level III or above in a four or five year program.

Special Topic Courses

Commerce 4FX3 – Sustainable and Social Finance

Students will examine how financial markets can play a socially beneficial role.   Can public companies play a role in creating a more sustainable world?  What role do endowments play in the success of the non-profit sector?  What role can socially-responsible businesses, impact investments and green bonds play in helping to improve social outcomes?   A major focus will be learning to evaluate public companies from an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) perspective.  Institutional Investors are now implementing the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) which is requiring them to incorporate ESG risks when assessing investments.  Corporations are finding that they have to manage multiple stakeholders beyond shareholders and must do so with increasing transparency around ESG issues. Virtually all public companies now publish a detailed Corporate Social Responsibility report.  Students will study and assess how well these reports address key issues surrounding the environment (carbon, water, fracking), social issues (human rights, ethical supply chains, labour standards, conflict zones) and corporate governance (tax avoidance, executive pay, corruption, diversity, harassment).


Prerequisite(s):  This course is open to all Level III and IV students. COM 2FA3 (or equivalent) is recommended, but not required.

Minors and Certificates

New: Minor in Innovation

The Minor in Innovation is a partnership between the Faculties of Engineering and Business and is intended for students from all Faculties who wish to learn more about innovation and develop a level of innovation literacy, as well as those who are themselves innovators and wish to develop skills to create their own enterprise. To meet these varied needs, the minor includes a wide range of courses in innovation and may be taken as a course only option, or may include a practicum.

New: Certificate in Business Technology Management

Business Technology Management (BTM) is a professional discipline that equips graduates with the ability to lead and support the strategic use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the digital transformation of organizations. Its standards seek to ensure that professionals develop greater managerial ability, while continuing to develop technology awareness and skills. BTM certification sets the standard for professional excellence.

The Certificate in Business Technology Management provides a pathway for Honours Commerce students to become a Certified BTM Professional by completing certificate requirements through course electives. BTM certification is administered by BTM Forum, a national organization designed to support a unified Canadian BTM profession. Upon completion of the required BTM coursework, students must be assessed to receive a BTM designation through the BTM Forum.